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BTEC L3 Music Lunchtime Recitals

During the last week of Term 3, Year 12 music students organised and performed individual lunchtime music recitals as part of their BTEC L3 Music course.  Click on picture for further information.

During the last week of Term 3, all of the Year 12 BTEC L3 Music students organised and performed a solo music    Lunchtime Recital.  Students performed on guitars, drums, piano and they also sang.  Mrs Rossington said,` I am so proud of the students and delighted to be working with such talented students.`  Each solo recital lasted about 20—25 minutes and the  students invited their friends to the performance.   This was their first official performance on the course.     Their next performance is at Cameleons in Grantham (March 2015).