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A Level English Language

English Language offers the opportunity to explore spoken language in all its glory!
The course allows you to interpret what language reveals about people and how diverse our spoken communication can be depending on a variety of factors: from our gender to our age, from our regional background to our chosen profession. This A Level encourages students to consider how these elements of speech affect the way that we are perceived by others and also what they reveal about specific categories of people. The examinations require you to apply your knowledge of language to unseen extracts and to compare how speech is represented in different texts.

Why Study A Level English Language?
If you are interested in the theories behind ‘why we talk in the ways that we do’, then this course could be perfect for you. Many theorists will be studied, such as Paul Grice and Stephen Levinson. Although a challenging course, this is a fascinating subject that will make you re-evaluate the ways that you view communication.
There is a great deal of independent study required within this course so please be aware that an interest in reading and theorists is imperative. 

Strong Subject Combinations
Government & Politics

Possible Further Study and Degree Courses
English Literature or English Language