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Course Description

Business Studies affects every area of our lives, from changes in interest rates made by the Bank of England to shopping in Boots for hair care products; so a Business Studies qualification is applicable for any career you are considering. Whatever you plan to do, a qualification in Business Studies is a smart move.

The GCSE Business qualification has been designed to provide the technical knowledge, skills and understanding associated with the subject at this levels so as to equip candidates with some of the skills they will need in the workplace, in further education or in training.  It allows students to experience vocationally-related learning so as to enable them to decide if it is suitable for them.

A GCSE in Business Studies is an ideal qualification for those candidates who want a broad background in business and the course of study prescribed by this specification can reasonably be undertaken by candidates entering this vocational area for the first time.  It is designed to  enable candidates to make valid personal choices upon completion of the qualification and to progress to further education, training or employment.  It provides a suitable basis for further study in this subject or for related courses which could include A levels, a Modern Apprenticeship or BTEC/GNVQ qualifications.

Assessment Structure

Students will sit two papers at the end of Year 11 both with a weighting of 50%. Each paper is 1 hour 45 minutes and will consist of multiple choice and short answer questions.

Special Features

Business Studies is likely to be exciting and challenging. This specification aims to encourage students to:

· Develop a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of business subjects; become inspire moved and changed by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study

· Use an enquiring, critical approach to distinguish facts from opinions, to form arguments and make informed judgements, for example in relation to the assessment of the subject

· Develop and apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to understand today’s issues in local, national and global contexts, for example in relation to international business and the implications of the global economy for the local economy

· Appreciate the perspectives of different stakeholders in business and economic activities, for example in relation to how aims of stakeholders can be in conflict

· Consider the extent to which a business or economic activity can be ethical and sustainable, for example in relation to social and environmental considerations in production and its location

Career Opportunities

Students gaining a qualification in Business Studies will have access to a range of career and further education opportunities. You will learn to use a variety of skills throughout the course. These skills are in great demand and are recognised as highly valuable by employers and colleges.

As a Business Studies student you will develop the skills that employers are looking for, you can consider a wide range of employment opportunities in areas such as commerce, accountancy and administration either within local firms or multinational organisations.