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Career Mark Accreditation

Ruskin is proud to have been awarded with the Career Mark Accreditation in 2017. Career Mark recognises the quality of the independent and impartial guidance we offer, ensuring our students leave with the confidence and skills required to enter the world of work and further/higher education. Career Mark Accreditation demonstrates to Ofsted that we are providing an efficient and effective careers programme through:

  • Management: The effectiveness of our systems for planning, managing and integrating the whole programme

  • Guidance: The effectiveness of an integrated programme of advice, guidance and support

  • Curriculum: The effectiveness of our curriculum to supports the development of learners’ knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes

  • Information: The accessibility, relevance, importance and effectiveness of information, the acquisition of skills to research and evaluate allowing for well informed and realistic career decisions.

As part of our commitment to ensuring our students access the best, most up to date careers guidance programme throughout their time from Year 7 to Year 13, we are working towards revalidating that accreditation during 2019. We continually evaluate all areas of our careers programme utilising tools such as Fast Tomato, Survey Monkey and Show My Homework.

The Academy bases our careers programme on the ACEG framework for Careers and work related education, alongside the Department for Education’s Careers guidance and access for education and training providers document (Oct 2018) and the Gatsby Benchmarks

Measuring the Impact of the Academy's Careers Programme

Feedback on the Academy's Careers Programme is collected through Monkey survey, show my homework and Fast Tomato as well as through focus groups following any careers event or workshop.  The effectiveness of the programme is reflected in the Post 16 & 18 destination reports provide to us by the Participation Team LLC.