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Course Description

This course has been designed to prepare students to take their place in society as       responsible citizens. It initially develops the skills and knowledge needed to manage money and make sound financial decisions. The course further provides students with an understanding of the economy, financial management skills, employability and enterprise. It looks specifically at the impact of finance on the economy considering how this affects business and individuals.

The course content is supported by interactive on-line content and is designed to reflect your prior interests and experiences.

The Finance course will cover;

· Your personal finances: money, budgeting, borrowing, banking, tax and insurance.

· Finance and society: income, the economy of a country, personal financial plans, foreign exchange and the personal life cycle.

· Managing money: personal budgeting, spending choices, impact of borrowing, cost of spending and types of borrowing.

· Financial capability: how businesses manage money, characteristics of a successful business, how businesses impact society and how individuals impact businesses.