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KS3 Curriculum Pathway

At Key Stage 3, students engage with a broad and balanced range of subjects which follow the new national curriculum in order to secure key skills, concepts and learning in readiness for Key Stage 4 and 5.

Year 7 and 8 Curriculum

Lessons are planned across a two week timetable

Personal Development, including citizenship, careers, British Values, SMSC and SRE, is taught through the mapping of skills across the curriculum in conjunction with bespoke PSHE days.

Assessment - KS3

Pupils will be assessed regularly through a variety of activities such as classwork, homework and formal assessments. Work will be graded using a flightpath model, where pupils will achieve scores of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. 

Progress will be reported 3 times a year in KS3. A progress report will state the Flightpath students are currently attaining in their subjects alongside effort and behaviour grades.  Parents will receive a full written report once a year, and are also invited to parents’ evening and various learning forums for further information.