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Renaissance Reading

Renaissance Reading (Accelerated Reader Programme) is designed to help young people discover the enjoyment of reading. The by-product of this love for books is that pupils’ reading ages markedly increase. Some research says that if a child reads for one hour a day for a year there is likely to be an increase in their reading age of two to three years. We have seen significant improvements in the years we have been running the programme. This improvement will obviously then impact academic performance in a variety of subjects and certainly prepare young people for adult life.

The process of the Renaissance programme is simple. Pupils read in tutor time for a minimum of twenty minutes a day, twice a week. We also have a Reading Week once every half term where students read for the first 10-15 minutes of every lesson. This means they should have read a book they enjoy for ‘at least’ 10 hours every half term. We also strongly encourage students to read as much as they can at home. Once a student has completed a book they take an online quiz which reveals whether they have understood the content of the book and it also informs them and the form teacher whether they need to increase the difficulty of the next book they read. The longer and more difficult the book the more quiz points they accumulate.

These quiz points go towards ‘various’ competitions and enable students to achieve their ‘Ruskin Respects Learning’ badge. Also, the amount of books they read and the average reading age of these books is now reported to you on their Progress Check. You can also access more detailed information about what your child is reading by using your child’s log in, which is the initial of their first name and the first four letters of their last name. You will need to ask them for their password. The web address is:

In our Reading Room we have over 1500 books for a variety of abilities and from a variety of genres, including the classics. We are constantly buying new books so students can engage with the latest titles. If you would like to help us by donating books that are gathering dust on your bookshelf please do a search by clicking the link below to see if they are Renaissance books. Students will receive 3 house points for every book they donate.