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Work Experience


Our expectation is that all students in Years 10 (KS4) and 12 (KS5) attend a live work experience placement. At KS4 this should be for a minimum of three days, whether this is in one block or on separate occasions. In KS5 we expect the students to attend for a block of at least five days up to a fortnight. Both of these opportunities will be supported by the Academy during term or holiday time.

Due to the pandemic, we envisage that the majority of work experience will be virtual in 2022, but we support any live experiences.


To support students in deciding their future careers pathways we invite them to take part in a virtual work experience opportunity. This opportunity will take place during term time from Monday 4th July to Friday 15th July 2022.  The purpose of this virtual experience is to allow students to sample individual placements in an area linked to future aspirations.

The careers team recommend the following two websites as they deliver a high quality experience and will allow students to experience the world of work first hand.   These websites are: (recommended for year 10) (recommend for years 10 and 12)

Students will be receiving a presentation by Mr Johnston which will explain that they have to register and apply for a work experience opportunity.  The presentation will also be on the Academy website. The Academy will fully support any successful students and allow the experience to be completed at home, with parental consent, during the dates above.

All of the work experience opportunities have to be applied for and will all provide a certificate of attendance after successful completion.  The Academy will need to have a copy of this for student records.

Work experience is a great opportunity to start expanding horizons and can give an insight into different roles across a wide range of industries.  Due to the pandemic, in-person work experience is unable to go ahead but we hope that that virtual experience will be equally beneficially.