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'Spectacular': Students and Young Americans Put On Incredible Show

Thursday 10th and Friday 11th November saw the return of the Young Americans to Grantham. Billed as the flagship project of their UK tour, the community event managed by The Priory Ruskin Academy saw the largest number of students taking part in the biggest venue of the entire Young Americans UK tour.


The Young Americans, a world renowned dance and musical group, conducted workshops with over 300 students from local schools including Barrowby, Belvoir High, Cliffedale, The Grantham Preparatory School, The Priory Ruskin Academy, National and Walton Girls' High School across the 10th and 11th November which culminated in a spectacular performance to a packed out audience at the Meres leisure centre on Friday night.


The energetic, inclusive, funny and emotional performance was met with a standing ovation from the audience – the memory of the evening will remain with the students and the audience members for many years to come.


The Young Americans Director said: “There was something very special about the Grantham event. It’s the biggest performance of the UK tour and the students seemed to bring a special quality, such enthusiasm and commitment. In the current climate Performing Arts has never been more important, we don’t need to be looking for the best singer or the best dancer but for something that brings communities together and lets them celebrate who they are”.


Headteacher, Ms Rachel Wyles, said: "The Young Americans performance was a spectacular success. Grantham students created an evening of, energy, creativity and joy. The workshops also supported key values of teamwork, tenacity and discipline - it takes an immense amount of effort and concentration to create a slick production involving over 300 pupils. I'm incredibly grateful for the support of the schools, parents and wider community; feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I'd particularly like to thank Vic Rossington, Assistant Headteacher at The Priory Ruskin Academy who oversaw all aspects of the event. Her vision to share the quite literally world class experiences on offer at Ruskin with local schools, under the umbrella of the Arts, ensured that Grantham's collective talents truly shone".