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Ruskin Receives Award For Exceptional 2016 Results

The Priory Ruskin Academy has  been recognised for its exceptional 2016 performance by the Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT).  Educational Outcomes data from SSAT has shown that the Academy is in the top 10% of schools nationally for progress, the second consecutive year it has received this accolade.  



Sue Williamson , chief Executive of SSAT said:

“It’s my great pleasure to commend The Priory Ruskin Academy on their excellent  2016 performance, and to have the opportunity to highlight and share their great work at an SSAT Educational Outcomes celebration event. We know how hard teachers work to ensure the success of every child. SSAT’s Educational Outcomes award recognises the professionalism, commitment and hard work of the leaders, teachers and students at the Priory Ruskin Academy. A big thank you and well done to the pupils, staff and governors”.

Rachel Wyles, Headteacher said,

“I’m so proud that once again Ruskin has been recognised by the SSAT as one of the top performing schools nationally for progress. This is a fantastic accolade and a real testament to the dedication of the staff, our students who take full advantage of the many opportunities afforded to them by the Academy and the support of parents

The Academy’s SSAT  Educational Outcomes award will be presented at a regional celebration event held in the summer term to draw attention to the work of high-achieving, improving and innovating schools.