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Iceland Trip 2019

Ruskin GCSE and A Level geographers headed to Iceland at the start of February for a breath-taking trip that is sure to remain with them for many years to come.  Iceland is one of the few places in the world where you can visit and interact with a tectonic plate boundary offering chances to study how tectonics operate and affect people’s lives.  During the trip they were able to visit and observe geographical processes across natural hazards, energy demands, coasts, rivers and physical geography topics, common to both the A Level and GCSE courses they are studying.


Excursions included the black beach of Reynisfjara (with its coastal landforms and basalt columns), the Eyjafjallajökull volcano and glacier, Thingvellir National Park (where they saw the two tectonic plates), Gulfoss’ three tier waterfall and the Secret Lagoon where students relaxed and enjoyed the geothermally heated natural water surrounded by snow. To top it off they saw the mesmerising Northern Lights – the icing on the cake for what was an incredible trip!