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Covid-19: School Closures

Following the recent communication from the Trust we would like to provide you with more specific information for The Priory Ruskin Academy.

Before starting to explain how we are planning for the coming weeks we would like to thank you for your tremendous support and understanding at this challenging time. We understand that you will have lots of questions and we will try and answer these within this letter and future communications. The situation will change over the next few days and coming weeks and we will try and plan for this as much as possible and ensure you are kept fully updated. If you do have questions please use the Government and School websites as well as the usual communication links you have with staff. Wherever possible we would ask that communication is via email, at rather than in person at our receptions.

Information for children who will not be able to attend school

The significant majority of students will not be able to be in the academy either because they have been asked by the Government to stay at home, are unwell, or in isolation. We understand that the closure of the Academy will bring with it some significant challenges for our families and communities, however, it is clear that we are now at a stage where this measure needs to be in place in order to support a wider health and civic duty. To this end, the Academy is closed for all students except those whose parents are key workers (where suitable childcare cannot be provided) and some other students such as those with an EHCP. This is to ensure that front line workers can continue to provide vital services in these challenging times. As yet, key workers have not been defined; as soon as this is available we will be in contact and respectfully ask for a prompt return so we can plan effectively for Monday. However, we do anticipate that key workers will include NHS staff, emergency services, delivery drivers and teachers.

For these students, we will be providing a range of learning resources; these will be updated over the period of time that children are not in school. Students will be able to access lessons through Show my Homework in the usual way. There will also be a range of resources available to students on SharePoint.

Information for children who will continue to attend school

For those children who fall into one of the categories the Government has detailed as being able to continue attending school, and where suitable childcare arrangements are not available, we will operate the school opening hours as per normal school hours of 8:55am to 3:20pm. On Monday morning your child should arrive

through main reception where they will be directed in to the restaurant and main hall area. Whilst the full curriculum will not, as I am sure you can appreciate, be delivered, a timetable will be in place for the children to follow; we would ask that they bring their PE kit with them each day or leave this in school. Children should wear their normal school uniform. School meals will be provided in the normal way.

Information about school meals

If your child is attending school, because you are a key worker, meals will be managed as part of their daily routine, as normal.

If your child is not attending school, is not in self-isolation or poorly and currently receives free school meals they will be able to come to main reception, in person, between 12:30pm and 1pm to collect a meal. We are currently awaiting details regarding voucher schemes and will update you on this. Students do not need to wear school uniform.

If your child is self-isolating or ill and receives free school meals we will contact you to try and make alternative arrangements.

Hopefully we have been able to answer some of your initial questions here and will continue to communicate with you on a regular basis. Things will change and we ask for your flexibility and understanding regarding this.

Thank you again for your continued support.

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