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Travel around the world....

For a second challenge during half term,  students, staff and families of Ruskin are going to see how far they can travel around the World, using purely human power as a team effort in the space of 9 days. 

After the superb success of our Marathon 4 the NHS Challenge, we are hoping that a number of our students will now like to take part in Ruskin’s second challenge. The challenge is to see how far we can travel around the World as a team effort in the space of 9 days. The challenge will be taking place throughout the week that would have been the half term holiday.

The plan is as follows:

Simply this challenge is all about movement. How far can you travel using only human power in the space of 9 days? The event will start on Saturday 23rd May and finish on Sunday 31st May. Participants can select to compete as an individual or work as a household team to reach as big a total as possible. You may choose to walk, run, cycle, skate, as long as the travel is not assisted by a motor or engine it will count towards the total. Please ensure that whatever method of travel is chosen that you remain safe and follow all government guidelines. Please also ensure that any equipment used is in safe, full working order and that you wear all appropriate safety equipment when completing the challenge. Everybody’s miles will be totalled together to give a Ruskin distance, can we reach Hawaii or even circumnavigate the World?

Those entering may wish to do this to raise money for the NHS.  If so please use the following link. This is not compulsory and participants can enter without making any donations.

Target Capital Cities and their mileage from Ruskin, remember this is everyone added together:

  1. Amsterdam, Holland (233 Miles)
  2. Berlin, Germany (593 Miles)
  3. Warsaw, Poland (911 Miles)
  4. Moscow, Russia (1629 Miles)
  5. Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan (3022 Miles)
  6. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (4620 Miles)
  7. Pyongyang, North Korea (5733 Miles)
  8. Tokyo, Japan (6533 Miles)
  9. Honolulu, Hawaii (10371 Miles)
  10. Mexico City, Mexico (14174 Miles)
  11. Washington D.C., USA (16237 Miles)
  12. Dublin, Ireland (19396 Miles)
  13. All the way around the world (19648 Miles)

Directions to enter:

  1. Go to the Ruskin Student SharePoint page
  2. Click ‘subjects’ on left hand side
  3. Click ‘Physical Education’ 
  4. Click ‘Ruskin Travel Around the World Challenge’
  5. Click ‘+ New Item’
  6. Here you will find an entry form to submit, which will ask you who is taking part and how you are linked to the Academy.  There is a final column that you will need to update daily which is your distance covered to date.  The deadline for entries is Friday 22nd May.

During the 9 day challenge, everyone involved will need to update the SharePoint page with their total distances for each day, this will enable Ruskin to see where in the world we have got to.    

Ruskin is excited to see how far we can travel in these 9 days.  We really hope that many of you will get involved.  At this really difficult time - let’s do something else amazing, together.