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A Level Biology

Over the two years students will study topics related to 6 Main areas in Biology, which are designed to prepare students for further study in Biology. These include:


Module 1: Development of Practical Skills: Tested in examinations and well as through 12 internally assessed experiments, which will act as practical endorsement, along with the A level grade.


Module 2: Foundations in Biology: The students will study: cell structure, biological molecules, nucleotides & nucleic acids, enzymes, biological membranes, cell division, cell diversity and cellular organization.


Module 3: Exchange and Transport: The students will study: exchange surfaces, transport in animals and transport in plants.


Module 4: Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease: The students will study: communicable diseases, disease prevention, immune system, biodiversity, classification and evolution.


Module 5: Communication. Homeostasis and Energy: The students will study: communication and homeostasis, excretion, neurones, hormones, plant and animal responses, photosynthesis and respiration.


Module 6: Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems: The students will study: cellular control, patterns of inheritance, manipulating genomes, cloning and biotechnology, ecosystems, populations and sustainability.

Why study A Level Biology
The course is designed for those students who may wish to progress to further and higher education in Biology, Medicine, Sports Science or other related sciences and for those students who wish to study the world around them in more detail. They will have the opportunity to improve on their laboratory skills, through participating in 12 compulsory practical assessments, as well as more light-hearted internal experiments. Science is constantly changing, with new advances in the Biological world all the time; therefore it is an exciting opportunity to delve into the natural world a bit deeper. As teachers we are very passionate about Biology, and part of our aim is to pass this passion onto our students.

Strong Subject Combinations
Physical Education

Possible Further Study and Degree Courses
Environmental Studies
Sports Science
Veterinary Science