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A Level Design Technology

Think about the objects that you love. Your mobile phone with its delicious curves was designed on a computer screen. Maybe a stunning item of furniture. Or a building that you admire sprang from the drawing board of an architect. And it’s not a new phenomenon. Our fascination with design goes back to flint arrow heads and earthenware pots. As a designer you are at the crossroads of a number of skills. Of course you need creativity, in order to imagine the shape and function of the object. But you’ll also need to know about manufacturing processes, materials and marketing.

Description of Course:
Your A Level studies cover 2 main areas, exam preparation and coursework. For the exam you will be required develop your subject knowledge in the following areas; designing and innovation, materials & components, processes, industrial & commercial practice, product analysis & systems, human responsibility and marketing & research. This is assessed by a 3 hour written exam.

For the coursework you will undertake a design & make project of your choice where you will submit a completed prototype along with a design portfolio.  This project is expected to take approximately 80 hours and is assessed internally.

What skills will I learn?
This Design Technology course will help you develop a number of skills:

- How to research appropriately for design

- How to generate design and present ideas

- How to choose appropriate materials taking into account their properties

- How to use 3D modelling software & produce prototypes

- How to make products of high quality which could be developed and marketed

- How to put over your point of view fluently

- How to work as a team to achieve results

- How to take responsibility for your own learning

Why Study A Level Design Technology
Design Technology could take you into a number of exciting career paths. Of course there is product or automotive design. Or maybe CAD for industry appeals to you more? This course could take you into architecture, teaching, manufacturing, advertising or engineering.

Strong Subject Combinations
Business Studies

Possible Further Study and Degree Courses
Computer Animation
Graphic Design
Product Design