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A Level Photography

Students will explore a range of photographic media techniques and processes. They will be made aware of traditional and new technologies. They will learn the appropriate use of the camera, lenses, filters and lighting and the ability to edit and manipulate images using Adobe Photoshop. They will explore the visual language of line, form, colour, pattern and texture in the context of photography and learn to appreciate viewpoint, composition and depth of field. They will use sketchbooks and journals to record and develop their ideas and with digital techniques produce final images. Students will be introduced to Artists in a variety of genres and will include landscape, wildlife, portraiture, still-life, documentary, photojournalism and sport.

Why Study A Level Photography?
Ideal for those with creative flair interested in a career in the fields of photography, visual arts, journalism or design. This course also provides a strong foundation for those students wishing to pursue Photography or Art & Design in Higher Education.

Strong Subject Combinations
English Literature
Product Design
Creative Writing

Possible Further Study and Degree Courses
Art and Design