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A Level Physics

The course consists of four units of theory examinable at the end of Year 13 and two units where practical work is assessed by examination, also at the end of Year 13
Unit 1 – Particles, Quantum Phenomena and Electricity – The ingredients of our universe.
Unit 2 – Mechanics, materials and waves – Representing motion mathematically, the qualities of materials and the behavior of light.
Unit 3 – Exam assessed practical.
Unit 4 – Fields and further mechanics – The mathematics behind electric and magnetic fields as well as forces associated with circular motion.
Unit 5 – Nuclear and Thermal physics – Radioactivity and the energy associated with chemical reactions. (Unit 5 also includes an optional topic picked from Astronomy and cosmology, Medical Physics, Applied Physics and Turning Points in Physics).
Unit 6 – Exam assessed practical

Why Study A Level Physics
The course allows students to study in more detail how the universe around them works. Students will develop their problem solving skills, and learn the theories and mathematics behind many phenomena that make the universe tick. The course is a stepping stone to further study in physics, engineering and other related sciences, but is not exclusively for students intending to pursue a future in science.

Strong Subject Combinations
Further Maths

Possible Further Study and Degree Courses
Materials Science
Physical Science