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A Level Politics

Politics is a dynamic, exciting and challenging subject.  The political world is constantly changing and raises big questions that have implications for all us. By doing this course you will develop a critical awareness of the nature of politics and political belief and the relationship between political ideas, institutions and processes.  In this A level, you will acquire knowledge and understanding of the structures of political decision-making in the UK, European Union and the USA.

Year 1 explores political processes and decision-making in the UK. Students learn about democracy, political parties, elections and the role of Parliament and local government. The course also goes on to look at the role of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet in decision-making and the relationships between government, parliament and judiciary in terms of law making.

The course then looks at the development of the US system of government including the role of the Congress, the office of President, the US electoral system including the role of primaries.

Year 2 develops skills in comparing and contrasting the UK and US systems and introduces the work of the European Union, its institutions and electoral system. Students then go on to explore political theory looking at liberalism, socialism and conservatism as well as the rise of nationalism.

Why Study A Level Politics?
Politics A-Level develops critical skills in essay writing and develops the ability to research and construct a sustained and original argument in debate as well as providing an excellent insight into the impact politics has on our lives. The overwhelming majority of university courses emphasise independent research, essay writing and sustained argument as key skills for success.

Politics provides an excellent foundation for many degree courses and a good springboard for careers in journalism, local government, law, campaigning, social work, education, humanitarian work and of course politics itself. 

Strong Subject Combinations
English Language
English Literature

Possible Further Study and Degree Courses
International Relations
Social Sciences