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Academy Charter

The Priory Ruskin Academy welcomes the opportunity to be an equal and valued partner within the Priory Federation of Academies Trust, and sees its success measured in the achievement of its own targets and in the achievements of the Trust as a whole.

 We aim to contribute to the overall success of the Trust by:

1.      Pursuing a collective view of success – we are only successful if we are all successful.

2.      Providing appropriate educational opportunities for all students.

3.      Developing systems and areas of expertise across the Trust.

4.      Taking a Trust-wide approach to the recruitment, retention and development of high quality staff.

5.      Championing our commitment to the Federation.

In order to ensure the continued success of The Priory Ruskin Academy, we aim to:

1.      Stretch and challenge students at all levels of ability to facilitate progress that betters the national average.

2.    Retain, recognise and reward outstanding staff at all levels.

3.    Continue to develop a curriculum that is engaging and relevant to the future of our students.

4.    Maintain an outstanding, disciplined learning environment and further embed Ruskin’s right-respecting culture

5.    Ensure there are opportunities for students to develop their awareness of national and global issues, that will shape their future and help them to become Global Citizens.

6.    Give every student the skills, knowledge and inspiration to make informed decisions about their future career choice(s).

7.    Offer an outstanding Sixth Form, which includes teaching, resources and physical environment.

8.    Promote a positive learning environment through celebrating success

9.    Constantly seek the views of all partners, including, students, parents and staff.

10.   Create a generation of youngsters who have been able to develop life skills such as creativity, self-discipline,confidence, ability to communicate and work in a team.