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Aptitude Test 2020

The Priory Ruskin Academy will admit up to 21 students in Year 7 on the basis of their aptitude for Sport or the Visual Arts. Parents who wish to seek a place at the Academy for their child based on aptitude for Sport or Visual Arts should present their child for assessment.  

The aptitude assessments for current Year 6 students (looking to join the Academy in September 2021}  will take place as follows:  

Y6 Assessment Date for Visual Arts:

Visual Arts portfolio submissions should be handed in to the Academy Main Reception by 30th September 2020.     However, due to coronavirus and government guidance, please phone the academy in advance to make an appointment to hand in the portfolio.   

Y6 Assessment Dates for Sport:

28th, 29th, 30th September 2020                          Assessment will take place from 3.50pm - 5.45pm       

A portfolio is NOT required for the Sport aptitude assessment.

Arrangements for the Aptitude assessment

If you would like your child to participate in one of the aptitude assessments, please complete an Aptitude application form and return it to school by 18th September 2020.  Please find below a copy of the Aptitude application form.    Also, the application form will be sent out to all Primary schools and they will share it with their Year 6 students.

Taking the assessment is not an application in itself;  assessments will only be considered when the Local Authority's Common Application Form has been received by the LA and the Academy has been notified, confirming that an application has been made.

Aptitude Application document 2020

Aptitude Assessment FAQs