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BTEC Applied Science

Our Applied Science course takes key elements of Physics, Biology and Chemistry and considers how core concepts can be used in vocational contexts in Science and Science-related organisations. Students will develop a range of knowledge on aspects such as; animal and plant cells; tissues; atomic structure and bonding; chemical and physical properties of substances related to their uses; waves and their application in communications. Students will apply this knowledge to the chemical industry, medical professions and other industries.


The course allows students to develop their skills with laboratory equipment, procedures and techniques, as well as developing an awareness of safety and organisational skills. Students will use their knowledge and understanding from previous topics to plan and run a scientific investigation and use their research skills to reach conclusions. Science investigative skills will help students in many scientific or enquiry-based learning courses in higher education, as well as prepare them for employment in a science-related industry.


Why study Applied Science?

Applied Science supports further progression in science education, to an Apprenticeship or entry level employment in the science sector, as well as developing a range of transferable skills.