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Law is one of the most useful and interesting academic subjects to study as it affects nearly all aspects of our everyday life. Law at The Priory Ruskin Academy is taught to the BTEC specification and is assessed purely by coursework in both Year 12 and Year 13.

Year 12 focuses on :
Dispute Solving in the Legal System: Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, Judiciary, Legal personnel as well as Lay people in the English Legal System. Aspects of the financing of advice and representation as well as the alternatives to court proceedings.
Understanding Law Making: The role of the courts and Parliament in the creation of law and understanding how the law is applied and interpreted.
Aspects of Legal Liability: The impact of the law of negligence, the rules on damages, the elements of a crime and the aims of sentencing in the justice system.

Year 13 Focuses on:
Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers: Law of murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, regulations regarding the arrest and detention of suspected offenders.
Consumer Law: Exploring the law in relation to the selling of goods and services and the protections for shoppers and consumers.
Aspects of Family Law:
The legal obligations of relationships, the cessation of relationships, the law relating to children and the law on maintenance.

Enrichment Opportunities: Possible court visits/ Prison visits to understand the English Legal System and the sentencing/ rehabilitation of offenders. Possible visits to the Inns of Court and Westminster to understand the legal profession and sources of law. We also run an extra-curricular Law Club and take part in the Bar Mock Trials national competition.

Why Study Law? BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Law (Level 3) is not only an excellent qualification for progression to University and the legal profession. Studying Law develops skills that are highly sought by employers e.g. analytical, research and communication skills. Studying Law can be useful for careers in Public Services, Civil Service, Human Resources, Business and Banking, Teaching, Social Work and Research

Strong Subject Combinations
English Language
English Literature

Possible Further Study and Degree Courses