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The overarching intent of the curriculum at Ruskin is to improve the life chances of our students so they become true citizens of the world. As such, the Ruskin curriculum provides intellectual challenge and rigour, broadens cultural and philosophical horizons and develops a keen sense of self-worth in our students’ ability to play a meaningful role in the local, national and international community.

The Ruskin curriculum is values driven; at the core of our work is a fundamental belief that the curriculum is the driver to gain:

Wisdom: Nurturing deeply cultured, reflective and philosophical thinkers of the future.

Curiosity:  Empowering intellectual curiosity, active learning and inquisitiveness.

Generosity: Fostering empathy, mutual respect and courtesy in a global community.

Courage: Championing integrity, resilience and the value of personal endeavour.

Passion: Igniting a sense of awe and wonder, moral conviction and ambition.

The Ruskin curriculum is designed to recognise the truly comprehensive nature of our Academy; students follow personalised pathways that provide an equality of opportunity, are equally valued and, most fundamentally, focus on their needs and interests. To this end, the curriculum is broad and balanced; traditional GCSE and A level options in facilitating subjects are augmented with a range of qualifications that that supports our advocacy of the Academy’s specialisms of the Visual Arts and Sports and an absolute commitment to cultivating the cultured young person through a wide ranging SMSC and PD offer.

We aim to provide a coherent, knowledge-enhancing curriculum that is powerful, clearly composed and intelligently sequenced, affording our students the opportunity to use their knowledge with skill, flair, creativity and fluidity. This knowledge will be assessed in a supportive and proportionate manner, using our responsive teacher / reflective student strategy alongside considered formal assessment points. Each department is committed to a subject focussed approach, providing a meaningful and expansive experience to build not only academic success, but also cultural and intellectual capital.

Our curriculum is holistic in its approach, embracing and meriting both curricular and extracurricular achievements; it recognises the strengths and challenges of the individual, encourages resilience and promotes and champions success. The Academy’s Ruskin Respects and Baccalaureate programme is designed to recognise, reward and celebrate the successes of our students as they engage in meaningful, inspiring and life changing experiences.


To implement the intended curriculums, a number conceptual and organisational frameworks are adopted that create a distinct offer for Ruskin:

  • The Priory Curriculum provides a framework for Ruskin to consider and review its curriculum offer and assessment practise.

  • Maximising Learning provides a supportive framework for the wider development of effective pedagogical approaches, including metacognition, cognition, assessment and language for learning

  • Maximising Effectiveness provides a suite of CPD opportunities for staff to further generate an enthusiasm for and enjoyment of their professional practice.

  • Ruskin Respects and the baccalaureate programme provides a framework for a values based celebration of student achievement


The Academy’s continued focus on the curriculum improves:

  • the quality of education

  • the personal development and well-being of students and staff

  • The chances for students and staff to move successfully onto the next stage of their lives.