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D of E Guiding Principles

There are ten “Guiding Principles” which are at the heart of the scheme and drive the programme:

  • The DofE Award is non competitive.

  • The DofE Award should be achievable by all.

  • It is voluntary.

  • The DofE Award should inspire personal and social development.

  • The DofE Award is personalised to fit the needs of the individual participant.

  • The participant should complete a balanced and wide-ranging programme.

  • The DofE Award is progressive through its levels in terms of time, commitment and responsibility from the student.

  • Before starting an activity the participants are encouraged to set their own challenging goals; the aim being that if they achieve these and show improvement they will achieve the DofE Award.

  • The DofE Award programme demands a high commitment and level of perseverance.

  • The participant should find the activities both enjoyable and rewarding.

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