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English as an Additional Language
At the Priory Ruskin Academy, we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our students reach their full potential. This includes those students for whom English is an additional language (EAL). We understand that starting a new school, when you have limited or no English can be a daunting experience and so we have dedicated staff who support our EAL students. We work closely with parents/carers and feeder schools to make the transition into the Academy as smooth as possible.
We appreciate that it is only when a student feels comfortable within their surroundings that they really benefit from the education being provided. For this reason, the EAL coordinator works closely with any new students to ensure that they settle into the Academy as quickly as possible. We have many measures in place to ensure that our EAL students are able to access the curriculum and proceed to achieve the highest possible results:
  • Intervention is offered by the EAL coordinator outside of timetabled lessons for students who need additional support with their English language.
  • Support is provided in the classroom setting on a one to one basis.
  • Specialist computer programmes are available and students who are identified as needing additional support will have access to these.
  • Specific terminology has been translated into the student’s native language and each student will have access to this material.
We recognise the additional effort required by our EAL students to learn a new language whilst keeping up with academic and extra-curricular commitments and we are extremely proud of their achievements, including excellent results in GCSE exams in their first language.