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The overarching intent of the curriculum at Ruskin is to improve the life chances of our pupils so they become citizens of the world. As such, the Ruskin curriculum provides intellectual challenge and rigour, broadens cultural and philosophical horizons and develops a keen sense of self-worth in our students’ ability to play a meaningful role in the local 


The engineering curriculum will: 

  • encourage the development of the Academy’s values: wisdom, curiosity, generosity, courage and passion. 

  • develop a set of engineering skills to become effective problem solvers, enhance soft skills to enable team working and leadership and to improve ability to analyse and evaluate to become decision makers. 

  • offer a range of real life experiences, intellectual rigour and hands on practical applications students will build a ‘tool box’ of capabilities that can be applied to a range of engineering problems,  can be carried forward into higher levels of learning and transferred into other subjects and the world of work. 

  • Evolve to anticipate the changing needs of the students 


To implement the intended curriculum, a number conceptual and organisational frameworks are used: 

  • BTEC Tech Award assessment criteria identifies key knowledge and skills throughout KS4; 

  • Departmental SOWs balance knowledge and skills, carefully building components to create composite learning; 

  • Departmental curriculum review frameworks which supports the review of the curriculum offer and assessment practice; 

  • Language for Learning provides a framework to embed key knowledge through reading, writing and low stakes testing;  

  • Team meetings are used to extend the outstanding practice, collaborate on delivery content and style and agree assessment strategies to drive progress 

  • Sharing good practice from within and outside of the Engineering team and Academy; 


Curriculum development aims to improve:  

  • the quality of education for all learners and groups of learners, ensuring equal opportunities to succeed. 

  • the personal development and well-being of learners 

  • the chances for pupils to move successfully onto the next stage of their lives. 

  • The cultural, economic and societal capital to become citizens of the world 


Please click on the link below in order to access the KS4 engineering curriculum:

Engineering curriculum