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We are all students of English. Our use of the written and spoken word empowers us in a challenging and fast moving environment. English is not something that only happens in the classroom but is also a set of skills and experiences that will be of real use in the real world. Students must feel the confidence  to utilise and control language to express themselves clearly. New places can be visited and fresh perspectives gained in the pages of an absorbing book, the audience of a thought-provoking play or among the lines of a great poem.
We encourage our students to strive for excellence and value their achievements, even if these achievements appear to be modest.  Valuing the contributions of others is an important feature of our lessons.  All students are encouraged to see themselves as poets, linguists, dramatists, critics or writers, and we challenge them to develop their expertise in all these areas.
All students are encouraged to develop their own writing skills, gaining experience of, and training in, writing in a wide range of styles for a variety of audiences.  They develop their ability to talk confidently and listen sensitively to one another in a wide range of situations.