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Course Description

The exciting new Geography course from AQA allows our students to study a wide variety of engaging and relevant topics. They are assessed in three different papers.

Paper 1: Living with the Physical Environment (35% of GCSE)

· The challenge of natural hazards.

· Physical landscapes in the UK (Rivers and Coasts- Fieldwork in Hunstanton).

· The living world (Ecosystems)

· Geographical skills

Paper 2: Challenges in the Human Environment (35% of GCSE)

· Urban issues and challenges (Urban regeneration and fieldwork in Sheffield)

· The changing economic world

· The challenge of resource management

· Geographical skills

Paper 3: Geographical Applications (30% of GCSE)

· Issue evaluation

· Fieldwork

· Geographical skills

Why study Geography?

There has never been a better or more important time to study Geography. With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation and   social cohesion, Geography is one of the most relevant courses you could chose to study. Geographers are also highly employable. Whatever your passion for the world – fascination with landscapes or concerns about inequality – Geography will provide you with knowledge and transferable skills.

Special Features

All students will participate Fieldwork away from the Academy. There will be a contribution required to cover part of the cost. These trips are a compulsory part of the GCSE course, the skills students acquire on their fieldtrips will be assessed in an examination at the end of the course (Paper 3).

Where can Geography take you?

Many universities have a positive outlook on the course, as Geographers often arrive    extremely well prepared and up-skilled in study skills. Geography is one of the most flexible GCSE’s in terms of career opportunities, Geography can open the door to a   career in the Police, Armed Forces, Science, working with the environment and teaching!