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Geography is an academic and rigorous subject that produces well rounded, inquisitive, considerate and mature students.   Geography is dynamic subject that saturates every aspect of our lives.  It is the only subject in the national curriculum than enables pupils to utilise skills from other subjects.  We rely on Maths, English and Science to help us to develop an understanding of our world.  As the world evolves so do the topics that we cover.  We focus on how we affect and are affected by the natural and human world that we live in. We learn the science behind the processes that create the awe inspiring features of the natural environment.  We explore inequalities that exist amongst different groups of people and look for ways in which we can reduce the social injustices that exist in our world.  We investigate the impact of our consumer decisions and we develop an understanding of how we can look after and manage our planet.

In Key Stage 3 we explore the UK, Africa, rivers, rainforest, coasts, natural hazards, tourism, weather, China and population.  This prepares students for Key Stage 4 where they study mountains, deserts, ethical consumerism, population, earthquakes, and energy.   We hope that you enjoy studying Geography as much as we enjoy teaching it.