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ICT prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technology. In order to become proficient in using a computer and its applications it is necessary to learn to become confident in applying the skills of using the software.
In recent years as the expected level of skill has increased the focus has changed from a skills based subject to a subject that requires understanding and application. At the Priory Ruskin Academy we have embraced this change and are constantly striving to improve and update our schemes of work (SOW) to reflect these alterations.
Years 7 & 8
Upon entry to the Priory Ruskin Academy in Year 7 pupils embark upon an accelerated curriculum which has been adapted and modified from the New National Curriculum for ICT. The curriculum aims to provide students throughout years 7 and 8 with the knowledge and understanding they require to be successful in utilising technology in all subject areas and is mapped against the new national curriculum and APP assessment criteria.
Students are introduced to internet safety and learn how to be a responsible and successful e-citizen. They learn how to use the full range of Microsoft Office software using this for basic web design, animation and creation of Wikis.
Year 9
In year 9 in accordance with our accelerated curriculum students at the Priory Ruskin Academy are given every opportunity to progress at a pace suitable to their needs, through a well-planned ICT curriculum.  The curriculum allows our students to discover the capabilities of the various software packages; word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation packages and desktop publishing.  By the end of Year 9 students should hold the OCR National Short Course in ICT providing them with a GCSE Grade A* - C. This will provide a sound basis for students to develop their qualifications in year 10 and 11.
Years 10 & 11
In years 10 and 11, students build upon their work in year 9 and continue to follow the OCR National family of qualifications. The course provides students with an opportunity to build upon their qualification from year 9 and to achieve up to 4 GCSE’s Grade A* - C. This is assessed internally based on the portfolio of work that students will accumulate during their studies.
OCR Nationals Course Overview 
The course focuses on personalised learning to encompass student interests with great emphasis on developing the skills required to develop as an independent and effective learner. The course encompasses a wide range of units covering web design, relational databases, financial modeling (using spreadsheets), advertising and movie design, sound engineering, interactive multimedia, graphic design for the web and technological innovation in the 21st century.
The OCR National course is practical and career-related providing a flexible way approach for students to develop their skills. The ICT Department expects the highest standard of attainment from all pupils and the work and the assessment and tracking systems within the department have enabled students to consistently achieve these excellent results.