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KS5 Personal Development

The Personal Development curriculum in KS5 is based around the following areas (as per government guidance):

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships and Sex Education
  • Living in the Wider World (social, economic and political awareness)
  • Careers 
  • Citizenship
  • Cultural Capital

By focussing on these areas, we aim to support the development of our students so that they are fully equipped and confident to tackle the challenges that life in the wider world may bring.

KS5 PD sessions include broader discussions around concepts and ideas (e.g. understanding cultural differences and the responsibilities of citizenship), as well as practical strategies and advice such as managing personal finances, career options and personal health and safety.

KS5 PD lessons are delivered in various ways:

  • Daily PD tutor time sessions

              Teacher led sessions where issues can be discussed and explored 

  • Sixth Form Enrichment (every Wed pm)

              A programme of external speakers is planned for each term.  They bring with them expertise and experience to give students a wider

              perspective to certain topic areas.

  • PD Drop down days (4 per year) 

              A combination of teacher led sessions and external speakers.  

We encourage feedback on the PD curriculum from both students and parents on a termly basis, either through student council meetings or via Microsoft Forms questionnaires to ensure the PD content at Ruskin is relevant and informative.