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Why study Music?

GCSE Music will provide a creative education in Music.  The course will encourage students to:

  • Broaden musical experiences and interests, develop imagination and foster creativity

  • Develop performing skills individually and in groups demonstrating fluency and control

  • Develop composing skills to organise musical ideas

  • Develop awareness of a variety of instruments and styles of music

  • Develop awareness of music technologies and their use in the creation and presentation of music

  • Recognise contrasting genres, styles and traditions of music and be aware of music chronology

Course Overview

There are five areas of study:

  • Area of study 1: My music (Develop an understanding of performance and composition)

  • Area of study 2: The concerto through time (History of Music)

  • Area of study 3: Rhythms of the world

  • Area of study 4: Film music

  • Area of study 5: Conventions of pop

Assessment Structure

Area of Focus




Integrated Portfolio

Area of Study 1:  My Music


  • Performance

  • Composition




Practical Component

  • Ensemble performance

  • Composition to an OCR set brief - in Y11



Area of Study 2, 3, 4, & 5

  • Listening  and Appraising:  A written paper with CD


EXAM:  1hr 30 mins written paper