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Mathematics is a wonderfully challenging and diverse subject that influences thinking and understanding across the globe. Although it can be challenging, Mathematics is a vital subject for all students to achieve well in to help prepare them for life outside of school.
At the Priory Ruskin Academy, Maths is taught by a team of specialist staff, mostly within a suite of 8 rooms that are primarily used for their subject. 
Staff across all years follow a Scheme of Work which has been designed to raise attainment across several years, and offer regular opportunities to revisit and improve the students’ understanding of the material in order that when your child takes their GCSE’s in Mathematics in Year 11 they are in the best position possible to achieve their potential. 
The curriculum focuses around four different areas: Algebra, Number, Handling Data and Shape and Space. While the topics taught in each year will be the same throughout year 7 to 11, the skills taught each year develop and increase in complexity as further understanding is developed. Investigations and open ended tasks are embedded into the Scheme of Work to help pupils develop their problem solving skills and to fully prepare them for GCSE entry. 
Assessments will be taken on a termly basis which will check the understanding of the topics taught each term.  A variety of homework tasks will be set on a weekly basis, some checking key skills and others consolidating the learning done in lessons..