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Modern Foreign Languages

MFL (French, German, Spanish) curriculum statement  


A student of MFL has the ability to understand a foreign language through a variety of literary genres such as poetry, novels and adverts as well as comprehending authentic aural texts and social media forums. They understand how to make use of cognates to assist their comprehension as well as learning to read for meaning through using inference.  As such, the intent of the MFL curriculum is to develop the ability for students to communicate in the Target Language as well as to provide learners with a cultural insight into life in their studied language so that their life experiences can be increased. 

The MFL curriculum will: 

  • encourage the development of the Academy’s values: wisdom, curiosity, generosity, courage and passion. 

  • ensure that pupils are challenged, engaged and motivated to be able: 

  • at a personal level, to develop increasing levels of self-worth and cultural capital 

  • at an economic level, to contribute to the increasingly complex world of work 

  • at a societal level, to play a meaningful role in their local, national and international communities. 

  • provide a coherent knowledge base that is appropriately powerful, transferable and intelligently sequenced, thereby enabling pupils to retain and recall knowledge, develop understanding and apply skills. 

  • provide a meaningful experience that can be used to build wider cultural capital and cognitive ability. 

  • celebrate pupil activities within and beyond formal timetabled arrangements that are memorable, inspiring and life-changing. This will include the opportunity for students to visit the Opal Coast in France in Year 7 and Paris in Year 8. 


To implement the intended curriculum, a number conceptual and organisational frameworks are used: 

  • Curriculum flightpaths identifies key knowledge and skills throughout KS3-4. 

  • Departmental SOWs balance knowledge and skills, carefully building components to create composite learning  

  • Departmental curriculum review frameworks which supports the review of the curriculum offer and assessment practice. 

  • Maximising Learning provides a supportive framework for the wider development of effective pedagogical approaches. 

  • Language for Learning provides a framework to create and refine successful approaches to the teaching of Reading, Writing and Speaking.  

  • MFL Team meetings are used to extend the outstanding practice that is already in situ along with the Subject Forum meetings that occur twice yearly. There are also regular training sessions that have been set up with the MFL team at Belvoir to share ideas and strategies. 


The department’s continued focus on the curriculum improves: 

  • the quality of education for all learners and groups of learners 

  • the personal development and well-being of learners 

  • the chances for pupils to move successfully onto the next stage of their lives. 

  • The cultural, economic and societal capital to become citizens of the world 


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