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Parents and Carers

Recent research from Talking Futures, found that “more than 75% of parents felt that giving relevant career advice to their children was almost impossible in such a fast-changing jobs market”. At the Priory Federation of Academies Trust, careers education is a key priority, and is a central part of achieving excellence through the Priory values.  

We know how important it is for our students to be able to have conversations about their careers with people at home.  As always, careers teams in each academy can also support with any of these discussions, and are very happy to speak to parents and carers, as well as students.

At The Priory Ruskin Academy, we aim to provide our students with a skill-set that will allow them to prepare for future success in education, employment and training. We deliver our Careers Curriculum through a range of channels including:

  • Form time

  • Assemblies

  • Personal Development Days – six full days per year, off timetable where students spend the day focusing on a specific area of personal development pertinent to each year group. These include multi-agency days when multiple external agencies are invited in to deliver sessions.

  • Students access a range of careers and enterprise activities organised by the Academy working in partnership with local employers, the Careers and Enterprise Company and Greater Lincolnshire LEP.

  • External speakers and specialists from a range of education and training providers are invited to work with our students

  • Curriculum-some of the topics are covered directly through our curriculum areas such as Science, RE, ICT and PE

  • In order to provide good quality, meaningful opportunities for pupils to encounter the world of work, students are given two opportunities to complete work experience, once in KS4 and the second in KS5

  • Students receive unbiased information about potential next steps and high-quality careers guidance.

Throughout their time in secondary education, students at Ruskin will cover the topics included in our Careers Curriculum Overview as part of the statutory guidance from the Department for Education issued under the Education Act 1997. Further detail about the requirements to provide careers education, are included in the links below:

The Careers Strategy (2017)

Statutory Guidance: Careers guidance and access for education and training providers (2022)