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Performing Arts

Performing Arts Curriculum Statement of Intent 


A student of Performing Arts is creatively inquisitive, embarking on an explorative quest for devising methods. They are both eager and confident in investigations of a vast array of approaches to the creation of performance work and recognise the need to value and collaborate their ideas and opinions with others in order to achieve the best outcome. They understand and appreciate the collaboration of skills and roles that contribute to a production, thus developing a respect for the work of others. These students are analytically reflective and consistently review their creative decisions both independently and through discussion with others with a never faltering desire for improvement. There is an underlying understanding of the power of performance as a form of expression of self, ideas and of cultural values, whilst also identifying the skills that place a more direct impact upon their role in the world through the acquisition of life skills such as articulation, justification, expression and body language responses. As such, the intent of the Performing Arts curriculum is to develop empowered, inquisitive young minds that are confident in the delivery of their opinions, whilst remaining both respectful and appreciative of the decisions and roles of others within their community and the wider world. 

The PA curriculum will: 

  • encourage the development of the Academy’s values: wisdom, curiosity, generosity, courage and passion. 

  • ensure that pupils are challenged, engaged and motivated to be able: 

  • at a personal level, to develop increasing levels of self-worth and cultural capital 

  • at an economic level, to contribute to the increasingly complex world of work 

  • at a societal level, to play a meaningful role in their local, national and international communities. 

  • provide a coherent knowledge base that is appropriately powerful, transferable and intelligently sequenced, thereby enabling pupils to retain and recall knowledge, develop understanding and apply skills. 

  • provide a meaningful experience that can be used to build wider cultural capital and cognitive ability. 

  • celebrate pupil activities within and beyond formal timetabled arrangements that are memorable, inspiring and life-changing. 


To implement the intended curriculum, a number conceptual and organisational frameworks are used: 

  • Curriculum flightpaths identifies key knowledge and skills throughout KS3-5 

  • Departmental SOWs balance knowledge and skills, carefully building components to create composite learning  

  • Departmental curriculum review

Please click on the link below in order to access the KS3-5 Curriculum map for performing arts.