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Performing Arts

Why study Dance/Musical Theatre?

The course provides a solid foundation for progression into higher education courses across The Performing Arts disciplines including Theatre Studies, Dance, Drama and Music. Whilst students develop an understanding of the industry itself, the course also introduces a wide range of personal and organisational skills for the work place.

Course Description

The study of Dance/Musical Theatre contributes to students’ creative and social           development. As performers, students develop their skills and confidence.  The course actively engages students in the processes of developing as effective and independent learners, allowing them to develop their practical Dance/Musical Theatre techniques, whilst further exploring their interests. The course provides a real and                                engaging application of students' knowledge, skills and understanding of Dance/Musical Theatre in a work-related context through explorative research, productions and         presentations.

The Dance and Musical Theatre pathways are taught together on this course, but        students will only be assessed on their chosen pathway of either:

· Dance OR Musical Theatre

Assessment Structure

The qualification is taught over 120 GLH (Guided Learning Hours) with an additional      expectation of students to undertake independent learning for 150 learning hours; this is a combination of hours both within the classroom and students’ own time. In order to meet such expectations and develop their performance skills, students are required to attend an extra curricular activity within their chosen pathway of Dance or Musical     Theatre.

The course consists of units which are both internally and externally assessed. Assessments are both practical and theoretical, whereby research informs the devising of practical presentations. There is the requirement for students to participate in educational visits in order to experience live theatre and learn the content of professional performance  pieces through practical workshops with professional practitioners.

Students who are prepared to work hard, wish to develop an insight into the Performing Arts industry and enjoy a practical approach will be successful on this course. 

Special Features

Dance/Musical Theatre is an opportunity for students to develop artistic creativity through their enthusiasm for performing and their desire to understand how work is       created.  Students work on assignments that are modelled on the industry, working both individually and in groups.