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Religious Studies

Course Description

This is an informative and highly focused course in which students seek to investigate and understand the views and beliefs held by the followers of two major world religions,   Christianity and Judaism. There is an in depth investigation on the content of the two faiths which looks at what their followers believe, how it influences their actions and what they do as practice to promote and celebrate their religion. It is an excellent way for   students to take on board very different and sometimes apparently contentious religious viewpoints on a range of issues and understand why many Jewish and Christian people hold such devout and varied perspectives on topics that can seem very clear cut to a modern non-religious point of view.

The course also looks at ethical points of view from the theological and philosophical perspectives contained in the holy books and teachings of the two religions. We will examine their followers’ opinions and actions on topics such as relationships, the sanctity of life and punishment and conflict. Such views on these topics can often seem confusing to people who have not been brought up in a religious background and as the majority of the world does follow such beliefs, it is an excellent opportunity for students to expand their world view.

Assessment Structure

Students will be assessed via two external examinations in Year 11. 

The course is AQA Religious Studies A (8062).

Special Features

You do not need to have any religious affiliation to make the most of this course.

It is based on the skills of gaining knowledge, understanding and being able to evaluate different religious points of view on the various issues studied. You will be encouraged to empathise and research as well as develop and explain your personal points of view. The knowledge and communication skills taught in this subject will be valuable in other     subjects and life in general.