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Science Curriculum Statement 

Science has something to offer all students as everyone needs some level of relevant scientific understanding. A student of Science has an appreciation of the importance of science in the world around us; learning how humans have developed an understanding of the natural world and their impact on it. They recognise how to collect valid data, develop the ability to interpret information and learn how to use scientific ideas in explanations. The Science curriculum is intended to develop individuals with an interest in science, an appreciation of its importance and the skills to reach their maximum potential. 

The Science curriculum will: 

Encourage the development of the Academy’s values: wisdom, curiosity, generosity, courage and passion. 

Ensure that students are challenged, engaged and motivated to be able to: 

Recognise success, develop confidence, gain skills and knowledge that are useful within and beyond the context of Science and open up further opportunities in further education and work. 

Play a part in local, national and international communities and feel they can make informed choices where Science impacts on their lives. 

Provide a coherent path through the key stages to allow students to develop the knowledge and skills that will allow them to reach their full potential. 

Provide an experience that will support and enhance their progress across the curriculum. 

Allow students access to opportunities that can inspire. 


Curriculum flightpaths identify key skills and knowledge. 

SoW identify skills and knowledge allowing students to develop and learn effectively. 

Use curriculum reviews to evaluate and improve practice in the department. 

Play an active part in academy initiatives to engage with new ideas and best practice. 

Make effective use of CPD to identify and share best practice and new ideas, and to support the needs of individual staff to allow them to flourish and reach their professional goals. 


The focus on the curriculum improves: 

The quality of education for all students. 

The personal development and well-being of all students. 

The opportunities of all students to reach their personal goals and full potential. 

The cultural, economic and societal capital of students as citizens of the world.