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Course Description

There are two curriculum paths through GCSE Sciences.

Most students follow the AQA Combined Science: Trilogy specification, leading to a double GCSE award.

Students in Set 1 follow AQA separate science specifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, leading to three independently assessed GCSEs.

The courses develop a range of skills in a scientific context and there is an emphasis on the scientific process and how scientific thinking has developed.

Key skill areas are:

  • Demonstrating scientific knowledge.
  • Using scientific knowledge in explanations.
  • Planning and performing practical work.
  • Presenting data in tables, graphs and bar charts.
  • Analysing and evaluating data.

Assessment Structure

Combined Science: Trilogy

Students will take six, 1 hour 15 minute examinations, two Biology, two Chemistry   and two Physics.

 The marks are combined to award a double GCSE grade.

Separate Sciences

Students will take two, 1 hour 45 minute examinations for each science, six   examinations in all.

Students will receive a GCSE grade in each science.

Special Features

There is no coursework or internal assessment of any kind.

During the course students are expected to complete Required Practical Activities which will be the major focus of questions testing the students understanding of practical work in the final examinations.