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Sport Science

Course Description

Elite sport has embraced sport science disciplines wholeheartedly in the past few

decades, moving from a perspective which assumed the primacy of natural talent in producing outstanding performance, to one which considers every minute detail of an athlete’s training programme, rest time, environment and psychology in the pursuit of

excellence. The Cambridge National in Sports Science offers students the opportunity to study key areas of sports science, including anatomy and physiology linked to fitness, health, injury and performance; the science of training and application of training

principles and psychology in sport and sports performance.


Theoretical Content:

Units Studied:

Reducing the risk of sports injuries (exam)

Applying principles of training

The body’s response to physical activity

Sports psychology


Assessment Structure:

Each unit is broken into a specified amount of tasks which target different learning aims. Tasks will be submitted on the specified hand in date, marked internally and returned to students with guidance on how to improve. Tasks will then be re submitted one week   later and given a final mark. However, the unit ‘Reducing the risk of sports injuries” is

externally assessed as a one hour examination paper.  OCR sets and marks the paper, which is taken by the learner under examination conditions and is worth 25% of the final mark.

Course is equivalent to one GCSE

Special Features: This course is suited to students who favour coursework compared to exams in that only 25% of the final mark is externally assessed in examination conditions. The course also does not require high levels of practical sporting ability, however a keen interest in sport and exercise is a key requirement.