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The Priory Federation of Academies Trust

We are proud to belong to The Priory Federation of Academies Trust.

The Trust’s Mission:

  1. To improve the life chances of our students.

  2. To ensure that all students appreciate the excitement of learning, the rewards of personal challenge and the importance of helping others - and so become true citizens of the world.

The Trust's Values:

  1. Highly motivated students who give their very best regardless of starting points or personal circumstance and who behave appropriately at all times.

  2. Excellent staff who bring out the true potential in others.

  3. Well considered personal and professional development opportunities.

  4. Quality learning environments that are stimulating, nurturing and safe.

  5. Significant opportunities to celebrate success in all its forms.

  6. Active participation in a wider learning community.

  7. High levels of integrity, personal responsibility and intelligent accountability

The Trust's Motto:

sic itur ad astra

'by the good deeds you do, you will be remembered in the stars for eternity'
- Virgil's Aeneid

In addition to this overarching motto, each Academy has its own motto.

The Trust Charter: describes our relationship with The Trust

We are very much part of The Priory Federation of Academies Trust and this impacts positively on much that we do. In order to highlight this relationship we have established a Charter that sets out both our responsibilities to ensuring the success of the Trust and our responsibilities to ensuring the success of our Academy.

The Trust Contract: describes The Priory Ethos

In establishing the fact that we are part of a Trust and that we have something unique to offer our students, we go on to establish the nature of our relationship. We do this through The Priory Contract. This contract identifies how we work together as staff, parents, students and governors.