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The Priory Ruskin Academy has a strict uniform code that sets out exactly what to wear. In addition to this we have provided additional guidance for students and staff as to how the uniform should be worn. We seek the cooperation of students to wear their uniform with dignity and maturity.

  • Trousers must be Harrow grey, straight, classic style (no skinny styles, flares or turn ups). If required, a plain black belt may be worn.

  • Girls' skirts must be Harrow grey, knee length with stitched down pleat.

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Sleeves must not be rolled up, but short sleeve shirts may be worn.

  • Tie length must be to the waist. Knots must be tight, and cover the top button. Top buttons must not be undone.

  • A V-neck navy blue jumper may be worn.

  • Shoes should be black with flat or low heels.

  • Socks must be mid grey, if worn with trousers, or white if worn with skirt.

  • Tights should be thick grey or opaque black (years 7-9).  Girls in Y10-13 may wear natural coloured tights.

  • Coats must be plain black or navy blue, with no large logos or patterns.

  • Bags must be black or navy blue, plain in style with minimal or no logos.  Reflective strips (for safety reasons) can be used. They must be fit for purpose in that they are big enough to hold books and equipment required for the day.

  • Blazers and jackets can be removed in the summer, at the discretion of the Headteacher.

  • Hair must be of natural colour, with no evidence of dyes or tints.  No extreme hairstyles, as decided by the Academy.

  • Scrunchies, Alice bands, winter hats, scarves and gloves must be plain black or navy blue.  Hair slides either black, navy blue or the colour of the hair.

  • No jewellery other than one pair plain stud earrings.  

  • No piercings.

  • No make-up for girls in Y7-9; minimal make-up, as decided by the Academy, for girls in Y10-13.  No make-up for boys.

  • No nail varnish (all years).

  • Muslim Hijab, if worn, should be black or navy blue.

These standards must be observed whenever the Academy uniform is worn, including the journey to/from the Academy and when on Academy visits.

All items of uniform can be purchased from uniform direct and the Downtown Superstore at Gonerby Moor or from Grantham Clothing, London Road, Grantham.  Purchasing items from either shop is highly recommended as this is the only way parents can be absolutely certain their child's uniform is correct.

More information about school uniform requirements can be found in our current information booklet here.