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This page currently contains PSHE lessons that can be completed at home.


KS3 Values - click here

KS3 Values learning resources - click here

KS4 Values - click here

KS4 Values learning resources - click here


Racism in Football -  click here

Scroll down to the bottom to find `Racism in Football`


Coronavirus and Wellbeing

Please click on the following link and find `Coronavirus and Wellbeing`.


Childline - Racism and racial bullying 

There has been a lot of controversial and upsetting news in the papers recently which has begun to raise a lot of questions about differences in race and how everyone is treated.  The childline link below is very informative and raises awareness of what is acceptable behaviour and what is not acceptable

Dangers of Alcohol

We have been given a great opportunity to take part in a free online course that will assist your understanding on the dangers of alcohol brought to us by Smashed Online.   

All you have to do is click on the link below, where you can sign up individually and complete the course at home, downloading a certificate on completion. Sign up will require no personal student data.

Coronavirus and the Arts

As the government begins to ease some of the restrictions, it is becoming apparent that financial support is needed in many areas.  One of these areas is the arts section.  Musicals, gigs, and theatre productions are still facing great uncertainty due to social distancing.  Click Here


KS3 Internet Safety


Worried about self-harm?

This is also an app as well.